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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 20, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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"chasing news" i don't know to be honest it has never happened before. >> supplements dole packages from the home on wednesday and was left idling in the intersection. >> then off i go. >> that is some bad luck. >> decapitated booteries and behind me has gotten the work order. >> i don't know to be honest
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she saw the box is in a thought she hit the jackpot. >> someone install packages from the home on wednesday and stopped her jeep got out and grab them right off the porch. she is idling in the intersection right there. are you kidding me? >> they have plagues' then walked where somebody took them so we looked and she parked at the stop sign in just walks up the stairs. >> that is unbelievable 67 months pregnant with her first child expecting and a boy she is getting a lot of maternity stuff of the registry so she stepped up.
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only reason i did by posting it she should be caught. >> well played. >> her husband installed that top of the line for christ figure i would give it a workout. >> the security system. they were with me. >> you can see somebody coming up the walkway. >> i know that guy. >> we go around to the
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>> the neighbors are looking >> i am a reporter acting weird. we are capturing this on the security camera. [laughter] [laughter] that is funny [laughter] getting a call a - - the boxes were dumped a and sure enough. i wonder if she thinks she is not in trouble now? [laughter]
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except this woman on video is out there on the loose. so-called police. we are all up in your business. she ought to be arrested for that. >> with security packages in babies. >> ripping off the at&t store back in january not wants but twice. they're ripping the records right out of the wall. they took off in an unknown gold vehicle between 20 and 25 years old. >> pay close attention to the sketch new jersey police are looking for this guy
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in public and committing lewd sexual acts progress has happened twice to a female jogger in the township. called police. >> and tendance khalil was quietly carried into the big hall. only six other judges have and they have the country to its -- constitutional traditionalists he died on saturday at a hunting ranch in texas there is a political battle over his replacement that will last for months. 79 years old. >> they would not then head
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called on them to curse the building. >> said decapitated buddha could be the reason the building in east harlem has been blacklisted. >> this is my garden buddha. >> they call that the curse of the buddha head has struck again. >> is that rubio or fiction? o rabil? he says that he did it. >>. [laughter] that was the first time.
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>> it struck three times. >> a said they would build over it but then it was a stop work order so they had to destroy that. >> construction has been a menace to every is falling into his yard and the neighbors are hurting their pets. >> i live next door my entire patio is littered with debris. >> i think they should stop work. >> there still during construction so i just got a statement. >> we have called for a the reinspection for the partial stopped work order lifted. >> is a real? >> i hope so. been in place long before buddha was decapitated.
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>> keep up. >> i cannot keep up with all of this. >> but it has been too powerful. >> the only gods that work are in the hallways of the building. [laughter] >> does this look like a dog that deserves to die? a five year-old beagle that could be dead if not for the nationwide non-profit rescued from a research lab in the northeast undergoing
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65,000 dogs are used every year and too often they don't make it out alive for for:but now they are working to change that. >> give us uriel's to give them new hope. >> in to do it again in a heartbeat. >> i could not believe this type of testing was still performed. >> active and playful today but that wasn't always the case. he was told to prepare for the worst spent three years is a cage never felt blast people. >> she barely weighed 24 pounds when we picked her up.
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her ribs. >> according to the beagle freedom project even if they are healthy so there has been laws to change that and the new york is set to do the same. >> a lot of that is for skin-care so that testing is the lightest skin care or the lotion that says not tested on animals because then you can increase the demand for these animals. >> isn't it true that testing of dogs there really doesn't happen until they're dead? they do the test with the autopsy to see whatever chemicals they're using impact that? >> nobody understands the
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we're testing. >> get a certain point sugar research we have done all these advancements with computers bring us past the point to experiment on animals? >> how do i know? >>. >> the new off broadway show >> wax on. wax off. >> you've got nothing on the
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>> get the airport? the karate kid is back spec off-broadway. des italian american kid in the tenement in the '70s with the off broadway show a
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teeeighteen himself the karate kid himself. >> you will forever be known as the karate kid. >> that slipped my mind. >> and follows the playwright looking back if his life growing up. >> as i am getting older which is happening, i get nostalgic when i look back in d.c. those moments is your life. >> i have embraced it. ted years ago for 15 years ago i would have a different answer but i am proud of that big is a. i look to do other work. >> was invited to watch the show and i laughed hysterically and it is critical and cultural issues
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>> he is late in the closets and angry opinionated hilarious. this vocal that lives upstairs. >> there is to be more i italian-americans except for reality tv. >> there is a couple love comedians and israel. it is familiar. >> i had a great time watching the dress rehearsal littletons on the 13th. >> did he want to talk about the karate kid? >> he said, on? he would laugh about it.
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has that face. >> then you check them. >> i have got nothing on the karate kid. >> bringing any law-enforcement officer with that another daughter crime-fighting team the story about her partner being shocked -- shocked he thought he would run down the alley way and i came around to read up with him and with a brief one minute he was shot. >> i want to know what cynthia thinks to feel it is like reading your diary?
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not really. >> you take it everywhere? >> the n.y.p.d. treated out don't put it under your pillow while sleeping or charging. in? >> i totally do that. >> at penn state university firefighters employees have their hands full. it turns out she was missing since monday. the video posted to twitter shows the retriever is happily wagging her tail. >> he is added against very
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at it again. he had a bag on his head that said i am not famous anymore grey-- in a theater screening every one of his movies back-to-back key is that it again #elevate right now as we speak live streaming 24 hours in an elevator and oxford university for anyone to come by and have a chat summit you can call him weird. i like these performances so much better than transformers. he went up a notch.. >> i am here in red bank new jersey with the odor. is there anything you don't do? ciba-geigy eats and drinks a lot.
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reviews. >> it is an homage to my dad how to make meatballs. it is an easy recipe. i guess we take these back to the studio to eat them? >> i guess. >> i made 24 we could take 12 of them. >> meatballs? >> it is important everybody in the world thinks their grandmother makes the best meatballs i have tasted a lot it is a bunch of malarkey. there is no place for bread crumbs soak his stale bread one part bread one part deal
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romano and then put them in your favorite sauce. it if they float you have to put bread in them. >> is this like a family? i have three restaurants. these were made in red bank we have one a little fancier and then a crazy american barbecue thank -- things. >> so every table wine is allowed in italy if it is white wine but i would go
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dish nation >> welcome to "dish nation." coming up, we've got sharae whitfield from real housewives of atlanta and she'll be dishing with us. and we'll be talking about floyd may weather's very young group pep but first, there's drama in the sunshine state. and we're talking about beyonce concert. i guess the miami pd and the tampa pd are boycotting her concert because of her halftime show. basically saying it was a tribute to the black panthers and it was anti-cop. >> they're saying the cops don't show up, you can't have the concert because you have to have cops to protect the crowd that's going to show up. >> but it's going to be a sold-out concert. the president of the miami pd javier ortiz said we ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of


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